Celebrating 50 years - HAIR EXTENSIONS
David Maria -
Get longer, thicker hair or strands of different colours right now without the problems of growing or colouring your own hair. If you are considering hair extensions then we offer a FREE HAIR EXTENSION CONSULTATION at our Poulton-le-Fylde Salon. Extensions are also ideal for those with thin, straggly hair.
If hair extensions are right for you, we can give you long hair in a matter of hours or update your hairstyle by adding a few well placed extensions. We will match your hair colour perfectly and only use the finest quality hair.
Simply call us and book for your free consultation and bring in a picture of the look that you would like to achieve. Hair extensions come in many different types. There are differences in the way hair extensions are prepared, in the technique used to attach it to your own hair, and in what kind of hair is used. Our methods are very safe, no pulling or damaging the scalp and hair that can be associated with some other systems. BOOK NOW and see what we can achieve, whether it be just for a weekend or extensions that will last for months.